From branded content to documentary and short film, our video production services extend far beyond traditional advertising. There’s nothing our team loves more than a good story, and we’d love to help you tell yours. Whether you’ve got a completed script or are still playing around with concepts, we’ll help you bring your vision to life so you can capture the heart of your audience.

We believe in the power of good storytelling, and we look at our narrative projects as portals into the worlds of our clients. In the short documentary The Distinguished Gentleman, we share the inspiring story of Vincent Nicolai, a New York motorcycle enthusiast who inadvertently brought the whole global moto community together when he survived a freak accident in his garage. In a Triumph project for META Magazine, we interviewed Lumineers frontman Wesley Schultz on motorcycles, music and more. We even worked with car industry legend Magnus Walker on a Big Apple Outlaw narrative short.

Our narrative clients aren’t just companies and brands — are you a nonprofit trying to spotlight your mission? Are you an independent screenwriter or filmmaker trying to get your idea off the paper and onto the screen? In 2021, johnnypuetz Productions directed and produced Your Labs Are Normal, writer Rhisa Parera’s autobiographical short film on her decades-long battle with undiagnosed chronic Lyme disease.


Whatever project you have in mind, our in-house team can handle every step of the process, from pre-production to release. Location scouting and permitting? Check. Casting and production personnel? Check. Sound design and music supervision? We’ve got you covered.

With narrative projects especially, we tailor our process to each client’s specific needs and the story they want to tell. We’ve worked on projects of all lengths, budgets, and genres, and we’re always excited to challenge ourselves with something new. There’s a reason New York City is one of the great meccas of American film — tell your story right here in the heart of Brooklyn.