• Jules Zucker



It’s common knowledge that we’re vehicle enthusiasts. Whether we’re hitting the racetrack in a Tesla, operating chase vehicles, or shooting the latest in motorcycle apparel, the johnnypuetz team is always excited to work with companies who are rethinking the way we get around. This year, we’re widening our reach to include clients at the forefront of automotive technology —let’s just say the future is looking bright.

Our latest project introduced us to UVeye, a pioneering computer vision company developing AI-powered automated inspection systems for vehicles. Using state-of-the-art proprietary hardware, UVeye streamlines vehicle inspections and provide comprehensive insights throughout the automotive lifecycle.

For the less tech-savvy among us, allow us to break it down. UVeye’s car-scanning technology can be used for service inspection or security — whether you’re assessing for repairs or detecting potential threats at vehicle checkpoints, this system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to capture and analyze high-resolution images of your car’s undercarriage (and more) in mere minutes.

So where do we come in? When UVeye put out feelers for a New York video production company to help them with their sales and marketing materials, our good friend Bryan Campbell was quick to give us a call. Since we’d already worked with him on our shoot with REV’IT back in the day, we knew Bryan only worked with the best and brightest in the game. We were thrilled to come on board!

For UVeye, we put together a package including long-form promotional video, smaller product-centric videos, and photo stills for their website, marketing campaigns, and beyond. When you’re as a high-tech as UVeye, it’s critically important to be able to communicate your value to the average customer — since UVeye sells systems to car dealerships, airports, embassies, and rental car agencies (not just artificial intelligence experts), we wanted to make sure that no detail got lost in translation.

Our videos broke down the technology behind each of UVeye’s core product offerings (Helios for security, Atlas for 360-degree vehicle scans, and Artemis for tire inspection), highlighting each product’s benefits in simple, clear terms. In a longer video, we let Bryan take the spotlight for a “talking head” video explaining UVeye’s technology and product offerings. Meanwhile, our stills captured UVeye’s technology in action, providing high-resolution photos for the company’s website, press releases, and beyond.

One of the best things about working in video production is getting to support companies we believe in, and UVeye is the perfect example. Their technology is primed to promote public safety, improve the efficiency of automotive repairs, and create a safer, better experience for everyone on the road, whether you’re renting a car or waiting at a border checkpoint. As always, big shout out to Bryan for connecting us with UVeye — our client relationships mean everything to us, so we were thrilled to work with him again on another exciting project.

If you’re a company (vehicle-related or otherwise) looking for high-quality photo and video marketing materials, give us a call!

- pictures by Mat Andreini & Jean Pierre Kathoefer