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If you’re a film production company in New York or Los Angeles, you’re no stranger to a little bit of star power. We’ve worked with our fair share of familiar faces over the years, but it’s not very often that we get to team up with celebrities on projects that revolve around our favorite subject: motorcycles.

Norman Reedus is certainly a household name — if you don’t know him from his leading role on AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead, then you may know him from his other passion project: Ride With Norman Reedus. This series, also on AMC, follows Reedus as he and a guest companion explore far-flung corners of the U.S. by motorcycle, learning about the local biker culture in every different location.

The johnnypuetz team are huge fans of the show for obvious reasons. We love Norman Reedus, we love to ride, and we support anything that celebrates the biker community in all its various forms and locations. That’s why we jumped to action when we saw an opportunity to help a film industry friend take Ride With Norman Reedus to the next level.

We have have known Jeremy Schneider, the director of photography (DP) for Ride With Norman Reedus, for about two years since he approached us at a shoot for Triumph and they bonded over cameras and motorcycles. When we saw how their team was rigging cameras to their motorcycles (cameras on the front and back requiring roughly three hours of setup), he provided an alternative solution: “Let us show you how we do things.”

We rented out a mounting system to the production. This one-two punch of gear and manpower helped Jeremy and his team streamline their camera setup to capture truly impressive shots for the new season.

Why does this matter? Well, for a few different reasons. Firstly, this collaboration emphasized the importance of community, both in the motorcycle world and the film industry. We love what we do, and we’re always willing to support our friends who love it too — it’s one of the best things about video production in New York and beyond.

Secondly, it served as a reminder that there is always room for improvement and innovation when it comes to our gear. It’s no easy feat to attach a camera to a motorcycle, but every advancement in technology and equipment helps capture smoother, better footage to take any video project to the next level. Safety and quality are two of the most important elements of action videography, and we’re confident that our gear gets the job done.

Interested in a consultation? We’ll help you identify the gear you need for the footage you want — we can even help you set it up. Give us a call!

- pictures Jeremy Schneider, JP Kathoefer


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