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Fill out our brief form, send us an RFP, or just email or call us, and we’ll provide a proposal with ideas and creative concepts based on your budget and project needs. If you like our ideas, we will draft up a contract for your approval. We tailor our process to each individual client, so this initial “discovery” phase helps us get a handle on the complexity of your project, the spirit of your brand, and how we can bring your vision to life.


We’ll work with you to choose the best shooting locations, create a storyboard, guide the script, and even source actors, stunt people, and other on-camera personnel for you to audition. If you have a concept but no script, our in-house writing team can even create a custom script based on your vision. By tapping into our large network of local knowledge, resources, talent and more, we’ll help you design the perfect project for your goals.

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We handle the full slate of production logistics and shoot all discussed video, still photography, and drone work. From electric chase vehicles to full gimbal setups, we have all the gear you’ll need to capture the perfect shot. Whether you need a few hours or a multi-day video shoot, we’ll take care of everything from permitting to equipment. You as the client can come to set or take a more hands-off approach — whichever you prefer.


After the shoot, we’ll edit the videos and photography, leaving ample time for client feedback and revisions. Our in-house music and sound team can provide sound design and music licensing if desired. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a polished final product, additional raw footage and BTS photography, and anything else you need to finalize and release your project.

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  • ​Experienced cameramen, stuntmen, vehicle operators, FAA Licensed and Insured Drone pilot

  • Riders (camera vehicle and riders for bikes and cars)

  • Delivered over 250 projects overtime

  • Contacts in the industry

  • Consulting work

  • Marketing and release strategies

  • We own our own gear

    • Camera 

    • Shooting vehicles 

    • Drones

  • Private projects, commercial work or blockbuster film

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