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Jean Pierre Kathoefer.jpg


Creative talent doesn’t always go hand in hand with organization — that’s where JP comes in. With his German sensibilities, he pushes the team to deliver high-quality projects on deadline and within budget. A skilled director and producer, JP has a knack for juggling moving parts, and we don’t just mean during the shoot — when he’s not coordinating the team, you can find JP in his garage, working on motorcycles.

Demian Neufeld.jpg


With his multiple talents as a certified drone pilot and rider of custom-built chase vehicles, Demian is the “driver” of the team. No wonder HBO and Bank of America are using his skills on a regular basis! When he’s not chasing the perfect shot, you can find him flying Cessna airplanes over NYC or taking groups for two-wheel dirt riding all over the US.

Riccardo Luppi.jpg


The editing room is where the magic happens, and that's where you'll find Riccardo. As a colorist and an editor, he combines our vision with our materials to create a seamless final product. If johnnypuetz is a kitchen, we see Riccardo as our chef — he's got a serious talent for taking raw ingredients and cooking up our clients a delicious, beautiful meal.

Jules Zucker.jpg


When it comes to crafting copy and content, Jules has got us covered. As a professional writer and editor, she captures the spirit of our shoots in articles, social posts, press releases, and more. She also lends a hand with music licensing and sound design for our projects. When she isn’t posted up at the keyboard, catch her music supervising indie films or escaping the city on a weekend backpacking trip.

Daryush Assar.jpg


If there is a camera or gadget, Daryush is all over it. His love for TV and movies led him to find his home behind the camera. As one of our directors of photography, he leverages his charm and sense of humor to work with talent of all levels. When he’s not focusing on his video projects, you can find him traversing the globe, spending time with family and friends, taking photos, and binging movies and shows.

Mathew Andreini.jpg


As a natural storyteller and photographer with experience across many fields of production, Mat brings a fresh take and a keen eye to each project. When he isn't shooting, he can be found on his motorcycle exploring NYC for inspiration.

Kelly Rother.jpg


As a creative in both the film and graphic design industries, Kelly combines her experience by creating our concepts and creative pitch decks for clients. When she isn’t crafting mood boards or wrapped up in illustration projects, you can find her styling wardrobe on film sets or exploring Cape Town’s mountains and beaches.

Jared Werosta.jpg


From a young age, Jared has always had a love for digital media which led him to pursue a BFA in Film & Television. While working with johnnypuetz Productions, he has had opportunities to apply what he has learned in classes and gain on the job training while working in all areas of production. When he is not working, you may find him hanging out with his dogs, listening to music or gaming with friends.

Craig Carlsen.jpg


Every team needs someone to handle the heavy lifting so the creatives can focus on the creative. Craig manages all our on-set logistics and lighting - when he’s not keeping us organized and well-lit, you can find him racing Supermoto on weekends.



Zeke started filmmaking with stop motion films in middle school. Today, with experience in both the film and high fashion industries he seeks to combine these worlds in his work behind the camera. When not on set, he is either riding, driving, or on a board of some kind.

Rounak Modha.jpg


Led on by an insatiable curiosity and a desire to travel, Rounak started working on film sets back in Bombay straight out of college. He has been a photographer and cameraman ever since. Having moved to NYC in 2020, He has been chasing that goal without missing a beat! In his spare time he is a plant dad, and likes to hike and go indoor climbing.

Michelle Ravelo.jpg


When we need to get our clients camera-ready, Michelle is always our first call. As our designated hair and makeup artist, she makes sure everyone we shoot is looking sharp and feeling good. Outside of the studio, she loves honing her craft by experimenting with new styles and techniques, not to mention enjoying time with family and friends.

Alexandra Laura Stefan.JPG


Since learning how to build a camera from scratch, Alex became more and more passionate about being behind the camera. Her goal on set is to make sure everybody has what they need, and of course, have a good time! In her free time, she’s all about watching movies, traveling and screenwriting. 



If you think of video editing as a puzzle with multiple possible outcomes, Denis is the guy who finds the right pieces, cuts them to the right shape, and fits them together to create the desired result. 

When not in the editing room, Denis is traveling around the globe filming content for his own Youtube channel.

We have partnered with very talented local professionals to provide the highest possible quality for your projects and your needs. Our local network, including stunt people, cameramen, audio mixers, composers, and actors, gives us the flexibility to produce any kind of content you need. 

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