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Sometimes, the perfect shot just isn’t possible on the ground. For aerial video, drone photography, and any of your other high-altitude needs, johnnypuetz has got you covered with our certified in-house drone operators and equipment.


We can incorporate drone work as part of a larger project or just provide you with the footage you need on a standalone basis — our drone work has been featured in music videos, blockbuster movie trailers, and more.

Our drone capabilities are part of what makes johnnypuetz Productions the perfect one-stop shop for dynamic video production — most production companies have to rent drone equipment and hire outside contractors to film the drone footage they need.


Thanks to our certified in-house drone team, we can cut out the middleman and bring your wildest aerial visions to life with high-quality drone footage and photography. That said, if you’re working with another production company who doesn’t offer drone work services, we’re happy to step in and fill in the gaps.

What makes our drone work unique? Between our skilled operators and our local knowledge of New York City, we’re capable of capturing some of New York’s most vibrant scenery from above. The Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Skyline, the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets — we’ve shot it all, and we’ll tailor our work to your project and your budget.


We may be a New York production company, but our work doesn’t stop at the city limits — our frequent work with lifestyle and adventure brands takes us all over the country, whether we’re shooting in the mountains or the urban jungle.


Whether you need bespoke footage, a simple establishing shot, or on-set drone operators for your feature film, drop us a line and tell us about your project. Dynamic drone work can add exciting new dimensions to any scene, and the right aerial photography can take your brand to unimaginable heights.

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