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What does johnnypuetz Productions do?

We’re a video production company that works with ad agencies, corporations, local businesses and other entities to produce internal and public-facing video or photo projects. We also offer drone services, narrative production for short film or feature film, in-house copywriting, and more. To get a better idea of our services and past projects, click here.


Why choose johnnypuetz Productions over any other production company in New York?


For one, our team has lived in New York for decades, and we’ve developed a robust network of resources and connections. We know the boroughs like the back of our hand, and we’ve accumulated a long list of locations to reduce your need for independent location scouting. 


Unlike many other New York production companies, we also own all of our own gear. Many of our competitors need to rent their gear — this can wrack up huge back-end costs for the client and deliver inferior results if the team isn’t familiar with the equipment they use.


We know our gear well, and our arsenal of equipment is expansive, including custom camera vehicles like our Tesla V, Zero motorcycle electric bikes, Electric Motion trail bikes, zip line cam, several different camera options, and a professional gimbal setup.


What if I need video footage but not editing?


We can handle any portion of the production spectrum, from concept ideation and shot coordination to editing and release. This means if you want us to just come in and film, we’ll hand over the footage by the end of the day and let your people take it from there.


We offer a wide variety of flexible packages based on the specific services you require — some clients only need editing services or color grading, others just want the raw footage, and many take advantage of the full range of our end-to-end services.


Do I own the rights to my video?


Yes! Our clients retain the rights to all work, although we do ask that you allow us to share the project on our website and social media channels, if appropriate.


How much does it cost?


In short, it depends. Pricing varies based on the services you require, your overall project budget, and much more. We work on projects with budgets of all sizes, so the best way to give you a quote is to hear more about what you need. Fill out our contact form here to get an estimate on costs for your project — try to be specific about what you want, when you need it by, and how much budget you have for it.


Do I have to buy the full package?


Definitely not! We provide services as they fit the needs of our clients. If you only need drone camera work and raw footage, no problem. Need a full script written from scratch? We’ve got you! Post-production only? Sure thing. On the off chance that we can’t accommodate all your project needs ourselves, we can tap into our wide network of creative associates to get you whatever you need to make your project shine. 


Do you offer photo services too?


The simple answer is yes. We operate a small studio where we do headshots and product work, and we have established relationships with bigger studios for larger projects. We also offer adventure and lifestyle photography — there’s no better way to sell your product than with New York City as your backdrop. 


Are you hiring right now?


Our small, devoted in-house team is the heart of johnnypuetz Productions, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without their help. At this time, we’re not hiring any full-time or contract personnel, but if you’re looking for work on a freelance basis, please send us an email and your reel — we are always more than happy to expand our network!

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