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Few sports icons have inspired as many headlines as professional boxer Mike Tyson — his complicated legacy has been the topic of countless articles, rumors and documentaries for decades, and there’s still no definitive way to separate the man from the myth.

That’s why, in our most recent project, we’ve teamed up with one of the people who knows Tyson the best: his former manager and righthand man, Rory Holloway. An original member of “Team Tyson,” Mike Tyson’s notorious posse of managers, representatives and confidantes, Rory saw Tyson through some of the highest highs and lowest lows of his career, all the way up until the legendary dissolution of Team Tyson in 1997.

In the upcoming documentary MY BROTHER’S KEEPER, Rory reunites the key members of Team Tyson for a series of intimate interviews, piecing together a unique portrait of their golden days, their downfall, and the men they all became. In his search for a New York-based production company with a penchant for adrenaline, Holloway tracked us down and enlisted johnnypuetz Productions to work on the trailer for his film — now, we’re in talks to potentially take on the whole production.

MY BROTHER’S KEEPER speaks to us for several reasons. First of all, we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to tell their story, and Rory feels strongly that his take on Team Tyson is a story worth telling. It’s a sports moment that’s long been mired in controversy and misunderstandings, so Rory sees the film as an opportunity to cut past the melodrama, make amends, and set the record straight.

Furthermore, as a production company that specializes in motorcycle, sports, and automotive content, we’re thrilled to have a hand in the production of a bold new sports documentary that combines 21st-century style with good old-fashioned narrative depth. Rather than relying on archival footage of Tyson and the rest of the gang, Rory and the team plan to render precisely choreographed reenactments capturing the spirit of an original Tyson Fight Night. These visually stunning action sequences will be juxtaposed against the stark intimacy of present-day interviews with original Team Tyson members, and we’re incredibly honored to get to share a room with some of boxing’s biggest legends.

In addition to working on the trailer, johnnypuetz Productions also had the pleasure of developing an official pitch deck for the film, which we’ll use to generate buzz and financing for the project — custom pitch decks are part of our promise to provide end-to-end support for our clients, from preproduction storyboarding to press releases and more. For independent films in particular, pitch decks can play a pivotal role in attracting investors, distributors, and other key players when it comes to funding, producing, and releasing a project. You can check out our designer Kelly Rother’s incredible pitch deck work here:

My Brother's Keeper _ Blog
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We’ve always appreciated sports documentaries for the human light they shed on history’s most illustrious athletes, and MY BROTHER’S KEEPER seems poised to heal old wounds, answer burning questions, and give the world new insight into the golden age of boxing.

- pictures by Rounak Modha


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