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Most of our clients know johnnypuetz Productions as a video production company, but our team also has nearly a decade of combined experience in the photography industry! We’re always looking for opportunities to get behind the camera, whether that means dynamic video content or still photography and portraiture.

Last month, that opportunity came from Ryders Alley, an urban haven for motorcycle owners in New York City. By hosting a series of garages and community hubs where motorcyclists can store and service their bikes, attend classes and events, and meet other riders, Ryders Alley brings the New York moto community together at four different locations around the city.

When they reached out to us about the grand opening of their Upper East Side location, we were eager to help them spread the word — we picked up our cameras, headed to the garage, and offered New York’s most badass gearheads a free photo shoot.

Plenty of people think that portraits are only for LinkedIn profiles and audition headshots, but there’s never a bad time to have your photo taken. Anyone who brought their motorcycle to Ryders Alley got the full model treatment from our photography team, who posed each rider with their bike for a series of stylish, bold photos.

As motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we were thrilled to give back to our community and capture the powerful energy of these riders in high resolution. In total, our grand opening photo shoot with Ryders Alley saw a total of over 50 bikers — we all enjoyed free pizza and drinks, a screening of the distinguished MotoGP series, and the excitement of old friends and new faces alike. We even got a visit from NYC Ducati owners’ club Gotham Ducati, who rolled in with a few enviable Ducati Panigales!

Much like our video projects, our photography aims to shine a light on the unique spirit of a person, place, or product. Whether we’re photographing apparel for a product launch, providing BTS photographs for our video clients, or capturing the perfect shots of New York’s hidden gems, our photography is rooted in the distinctive identity of each item, location, or person we shoot.

Not all New York photographers know the city like we do — one thing we love about motorcycle riders is their enthusiasm for exploration, their curiosity for the ins and outs of the streets they ride. In fact, so much of our own relationship with New York was formed by wandering the city on our bikes, taking in every bump and alley along the way. It was an absolute treat to share our love of motorcycles with the folks at Ryders Alley, who provide a valuable resource and community for New York motorcycle owners.

For our full portfolio of photos from the grand opening, click here. For more information on membership, classes and events at Ryders Alley, check out their website.

Interested in getting some photos taken? Drop us a line and tell us what you need — our in-house studio can accommodate small shoots, and we partner with a network of outside studios for larger photo projects.

- pictures and videos by Mat Andreini


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