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When you’re a small business trying to make a big splash, there’s nothing more important than branding. With so many options to choose from, research shows that consumers look for brands that align with their values and their lifestyle — when there are countless companies offering similar products or services, sometimes branding is the determining factor when customers make their final decision.

With this in mind, johnnypuetz Productions offers photography services for ecommerce to help brands establish their aesthetic, spotlight their products, and cement their reputation. In our small but mighty studio space, companies can work with our team on bespoke photo shoots for their merchandise; we can offer insight and resources every step of the way, from overall creative strategy to staging, editing, and coloring. Drawing from our wide network of creative professionals throughout New York City, johnnypuetz can even source models to help showcase your products!

If you prefer a more immersive experience, our videography services can capture your brand in motion to create striking, studio-quality moving images or video clips for your websites. This works especially well for things like apparel, giving your customers the opportunity to see the way your designs move through the world.

How do we know our ecommerce photo services work? We tried them ourselves! As an independent video production company in New York City, we’ve got plenty of competition and few clear opportunities for high-visibility branding. Our solution? A line of johnnypuetz Productions merch to show off our company pride and help get the johnnypuetz name out onto the streets!

Our limited-edition johnnypuetz merch was designed by Lorenzo Minischetti and Danilo De Donno and we’re currently offering short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and sweatshirts. The opportunity to photograph our own merchandise was exciting, to say the least — equipped with studio lighting, state-of-the-art cameras, and a team of friends and colleagues as models, it was easy to capture quality shots of our apparel.

Now that we’ve experienced the magic of the studio firsthand, we’re even more confident that we can help companies level up their marketing and establish their brand identity with high-quality, creatively ambitious photo and video services. Whether you’re an apparel company looking to showcase a new product line or a team of service providers looking for headshots and group shots for the company website, we’ve got your covered.

Interested in booking us for photography services? Head to our Process & Pricing page for more info. As for our own little day in the studio, you can check out more photos from the shoot here:

oh yeah.. Buy our merch here! :)

- pictures by Mat Andreini & Rounak Modha


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