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It’s been a strange few years for video production, but pandemic-related limitations have opened up a world of new opportunities for remote partnerships. International collaboration is more possible than ever, as companies and creatives everywhere transcend borders to develop exciting new content.

In fact, one of our first big projects of 2022 saw us teaming up with production companies in Amsterdam, London, and San Francisco to create one cohesive final product from around the world!

When we heard Google and Disney+ were looking for a New York video production company to participate in an international shoot, we jumped at the opportunity. This particular project was meant to highlight the mutually beneficial impact of the partnership between these two companies, and cutting-edge hybrid agency Prinz & Co pulled together an all-star collection of production teams from around the world. By combining the best of each individual shoot, the agency highlighted how collaboration can unlock new solutions and possibilities that no one company can achieve on its own.

Not only were these some of our biggest clients to date, but we also loved the idea of working with other teams across the country and overseas — after all, johnnypuetz Productions itself is an international operation. We’re proud to draw talent from all corners of the world, whether we’re working with international freelancers or collaborating remotely across time zones with our in-house team.

Founder JP Kathoefer, for instance, originally hails from Germany. Although he’s called New York home for nearly a decade, his appreciation for international talent is stronger than ever. Our talented editor Riccardo is based in Italy, where he seamlessly transforms our raw materials into the polished videos our clients have come to know and love. While the six-hour time difference can make meetings tricky, it actually streamlines our workflow in remarkable ways — we often wake up to perfectly fine-tuned edits that came in overnight.

Meanwhile, our graphic designer Kelly has been creating our pitch decks, press materials, and other visual assets all the way from Cape Town, South Africa. Our copywriter/music supervisor Jules started working with johnnypuetz from Los Angeles before relocating to Brooklyn, and even our logistics manager Craig is a Seattle transplant.

This blend of talents and backgrounds makes for a uniquely effective team, and the work-from-home revolution has done wonders for our company by letting us source top talent from around the globe. Our clientele is similarly diverse — while we’ll always be a primarily New York-based production company, we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with companies around the U.S. and the world. Particularly with advanced live-streaming technology, it’s never been easier to take your business worldwide.

We were honored to help Google and Disney+ bring their global vision to life, and we were excited to kick off 2022 with a project that reminded us how connected we all really are. The world may never return to the “normal” we knew before 2020, but new silver linings are appearing every day — without the pandemic, we may never have met the people who became some of our most valuable team members!

- pictures JP Kathoefer


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