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When you’re a small video production company, it’s all about the gear. Many larger companies have to rent out equipment, chase vehicles and more to get the perfect action shot, but the johnnypuetz Productions team is all about bringing the action in-house.

That’s why we’re constantly expanding our arsenal of high-end professional gear, so we can give our clients the biggest, most action-packed bang for their buck. This month, that meant acquiring a Motocrane ULTRA, the industry’s most versatile remote camera arm.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of remote arms, picture your favorite car commercial. How did they get that smooth, sweeping shot of a car speeding down a rural highway at 80 mph? They probably used a remote arm. These film production staples essentially let you attach a gimbal to a crane, mount it on a vehicle, and capture unique, dynamic moving shots from any angle.

With a twelve-foot arm and a three-axis isolator to lock in stabilized heads, the Motocrane ULTRA is the longest, most lightweight remote arm in the game. Since we work so frequently with auto and motorcycle brands, this is an absolute game-changer for us — when you’re filming moving subjects at high speeds, the right remote arm system can take a shoot from cool to incredible.

Between our Motocrane arm and our Tesla, we’ve now got one of the best chase vehicle setups of any production company in New York City.

Most recently, we tried out our Motocrane Tesla combo at a race track in New Jersey in a test shoot for Yamaha Champions Riding School, the nation’s premier motorcycle riding school. If the photos are any indication, the Motocrane is no joke — it takes an hour to set it up, four people to operate it, and seamless coordination and communication among everyone involved. But once you get the hang of it, the results are undeniable.

Teslas make great chase vehicles because they’re fast, smooth, and keep noise to a minimum. By mounting our new Motocrane on our Tesla, we unlocked access to exponentially more angles, movements, and mind-blowing camera maneuvers.

We’re committed to offering our clients a one-stop shop for high-end, high-octane video production — our ever-expanding gear collection and experienced vehicle operators mean you’ll never have to rent or outsource the equipment or personnel you need to shoot the perfect luxury car commercial or car chase scene for your blockbuster action movie.

- pictures by JP Kathoefer


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