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The entire team of johnnypuetz Productions is built to wear many hats, all without compromising quality. Our crew thrives off of the delightfully dynamic environment cinematic capture requires, and working with the beloved sportswear and apparel brand FILA was no exception. 

We were tasked with helping FILA put together cinematic assets for their collaboration with the U.S. Open. Through collaborating with C.G.I artists and utilizing our proven experience with event capture and talking head style interviews, we were able to memorialize the energy from the highly anticipated sporting event. 

Mission #1: Creating Promotional Materials with C.G.I

The world of experiential marketing is constantly evolving, especially with the introduction of C.G.I.-based art into the mainstream. Our team stays on top of the latest technology, collaborating with artists and brands to build cinematic assets to speak to the needs and appetite of today’s culture. 

In collaboration with FILA and the artist Ilian Gazut, we created several immersive assets together featuring Zlu the CGI supermodel preparing the city for the U.S. Open. 

We captured footage and collaborated to place Zlu across landmark locations like Rockefeller Center and Washington Square Park to spark excitement for the upcoming festivities. 

Mission #2: Artful Event Capture 

We love capturing the magic of a live event, especially in a setting as exciting as New York City. As fitting, FILA and Racquet Magazine curated an event space in Rockefeller Center, providing a free court to the public, as well as some of tennis’ greatest players. johnnypuetz Productions captured the energy of these open courts, building lasting memories for the love of tennis with action shots and lively in-game candids. 

Mission #3: Bringing It Full Circle: Interviewing the Athletes

One of the things we admire most about working with FILA is that the sportswear band takes the time to understand the customers they’re designed to serve. While at the U.S. Open, FILA brought in top-secret prototypes of undisclosed products to gather feedback from of the world’s top performers. 

We were honored to be tasked with capturing these essential interviews. Fortunately, our team conducts talking head interviews regularly, so we’re always ready to set up in a variety of environments. It’s incredible to know that our professional capture plays a small part in building quality creations for FILA. 

Thank you to FILA for entrusting us to take on this multi-pronged project. We couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop than the U.S. Open– capturing this experience was truly a ball! 


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