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As a full-service production company, we service our clients at every stage of the creative process, from sourcing equipment & creative partners to transforming our polished footage into poignant stories. We love to roll with the punches, and our live event services give us plenty of opportunities to do just that!

Live events are packed with energy, dynamic settings, and plenty of moments to capture and translate to the camera. We’ve been lucky enough to work with amazing brands and cultural icons over the years. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we bring our sense of polish and vibrancy into our event capture services:

Sizzles for Socials - Event Recap Video

The internet mantra “pics or it didn't happen” holds true to some degree. One of the most important parts of producing a live event is curating and capturing the moments that will hold value long after the party is over. As with anything live, we understand the importance of getting out recap photos and videos as soon as possible, which is why we offer same-day turnaround service at johnnypuetz Productions.

It was an honor to capture the BMW Handbuilt show, showcasing some of the most artfully crafted motorbikes in the world. Our team conducted on-site interviews with pro audio, captured multicam event footage, and dynamic B-roll video of the bikes in motion to truly bring these promotional event videos to life.

No project is alike, and oftentimes, we’re providing several different event-capture offerings simultaneously. Fortunately, our robust team and network of creative partners make it easy for us to take on events ranging from local, small businesses in NYC to name brands like Fila and Disney+.

Say Cheese! - Step and Repeat Services

Photos aren’t just a great way to remember the night, they also serve as an experience for guests! We know our way around capturing great photos, but we can also build step and repeat custom backdrops from the ground up:

Our crew works directly with your team to build backdrops that incorporate your designs or brand logo for full-service event capture. We also provide on-site editing and export services– Sometimes, our clients need to send out proofs to outlets like The Rolling Stone as soon as possible, and we deliver!

The Power of Panels - Multicam Livestreaming Services

Live event capture sometimes extends to live streaming. With our corporate and conference experience, translating our broadcast skills to your big night is a breeze. Recently, we partnered with CVS to build out a 3-camera multi cam setup, live streaming a panel directly to Meta:

We know our way around fast-paced environments– our team coordinates effortlessly to ensure that each broadcast is a success.

Creating Moments - Still Capture

From brand activations to event recaps, we’re happy to provide high-quality photos and videos for our clients on their special nights. One of our favorite opportunities was partnering with Audible to provide event capture Nationwide, navigating high-profile spaces like The Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance:

We’re here to tailor our production services to your needs, supplying a wide range of equipment to capture moments from any angle. Each team member is trained to operate our gear, allowing us to stay light on our feet with same-day turnaround services. Whether you need content for social media, a formal press release or your website, we have you covered! Our team delivers assets in several formats to streamline the sharing process.

Crafting Content - NYC Event Video Production

Live events serve as a meeting place for talent which creates an excellent opportunity to produce quality content. We know very well that the live production space sometimes goes far beyond event filming to capture the essence of an evening. In some cases, live events may serve as the perfect opportunity to execute a talking head-style interview with A-list guests:

Fortunately, we work across the board to align with your stylistic needs as a brand. From corporate event videography to dynamic shoots on motorcycles with Norman Reedus, we truly do it all.

If you find yourself in need of a trusted NYC event video company, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us for event filming today, or reach out to learn more about our full offering of video production services. You can find us on socials to stay in the loop or check out more project deep dives on our blog.


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