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It’s not every day you get to capture a futuristic, fully electric cargo van around the bustling streets of Manhattan. At johnnypuetz Productions, we’re fortunate to be trusted with some of the world’s most anticipated technology, enabling brands to launch with cinematic, effective media. 

We were beyond excited when Japanese-based electric vehicle manufacturer HW Electro came to us with “The Puzzle”: a commercial cargo van that notably emits no greenhouse gases, all while maximizing cargo space:

The challenge? These incredible cargo vans have yet to be released to the public, with deliveries and final construction expected in 2025. Fortunately, we have plenty of experience with collaborating with companies across the ocean while holding down our valuable connections in the Big Apple. 

We’re no strangers to working with companies overseas. Preproduction across two timezones as diverse as Japan and NYC can come with its own set of challenges, but our crew is meticulous in anticipating needs before they arise so that shoot day runs seamlessly. 

To safely execute the capture of this iconic vehicle, we worked with local authorities to secure permits that come with driving a vehicle from the future through the city streets. The NYPD helped us lock down our locations, keeping civilians safe while we worked to encapsulate the magic of The Puzzle. We worked directly with the city to secure the HW Electro with a worthy background– just blocks away from the sparkling One World Trade Center. 

If there is one thing to note about our team at johnnypuetz Productions, it’s that we live for dynamic action shots. There’s a reason why so much of our work specializes in motorcycles and movement– our team is specially trained to ace dynamic capture, so we were will positioned to put The Puzzle in its best light, despite the vehicle having a non-traditional structure. 

To convey the van’s full range of movement, we rigged a camera with a stabilized pole setup to capture the route of The Puzzle from both the front and back of the van. This way, we could provide visual perspective and help viewers get a sense of The Puzzle’s smooth ride across the rugged city streets.

We brought out additional cameras to capture details and close-up shots with gimbals as well as handheld techniques. When it comes to capturing products that have yet to be unveiled to the general public, details matter that much more. Our coverage is comprehensive, and our team’s experience with subjects in motion made our crew well-equipped to put The Puzzle’s best foot forward in our cinematic shots. 

Thank you to HW Electro for entrusting us to capture the first look at The Puzzle! We can’t wait to see these stunning vehicles in motion soon. 

- pictures and videos by Jean Pierre Kathoefer


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