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Here at johnnypuetz Productions, there’s nothing we love more than a beautiful old car — that’s why we were so excited to work on a shoot with Expedition Motor Company, a company that restores and customizes classic G-Wagens. In fact, they offer the best Mercedes G-Class restoration in the world, specializing in the 250GD Wolf model. For the price of 120k, anyone can design and customize their very own Wolf — if you’re a car nerd like us, it’s a dream come true!

Depending on the type of G-Wagen the company is restoring, it can be sourced from anywhere in the world. They maintain strong first right of refusal contracts with several European militaries for their units, allowing them to choose the units they want to work on to provide their clients with the best possible truck.

Anyone interested in buying one can visit Expedition Motor Co’s showroom in Frenchtown, NJ, about 1.5 hours outside of New York City. Visits are appointment-only, so plan accordingly!

Expedition Motor Co’s showroom in Frenchtown is super clean and easily one of the tightest garages we’ve ever visited. This may have something to do with the fact that the cars themselves aren’t restored here — they’re restored in Europe and shipped here when they’re ready.

Upon arriving at the shoot location, we met head honcho Alex to get a tour of the showroom and a good look at the cars themselves. Even the cars on lifts were spotless and gorgeous — not a bolt out of place! After a brief introduction and an interview with Bryan for a Forbes article being written about the company, we received the keys and were ready to play with our very own G-Wagen.

For the shoot itself, we used a tiny and nimble crew. We only had a few hours until sunset, so we had to work fast and smart. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch. In fact, we even got stopped by a car enthusiast who gave us access to his private property — those shots with the bridge crossing and awesome backdrop are all thanks to that generous bystander. We didn’t grab his contact info, so whoever this stranger was, thanks a lot and contact us to connect. :)

We used a Sony FX6 and a Sony A7iii for this shoot, and we juxtaposed the quiet power of the star G-Wagen against the delicate classical music we added in post. The result is a polished, graceful homage to one of the most classic trucks in the game. Big thank you to Bryan Gambel for making the connection and IBP MEDIA for trusting us on this job. We wish Expedition Motor Company all the best in the future, and hopefully we can work on another project together soon!

- pictures by Katie Tom



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