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We were super happy when we received the call from Taco Bell that they would like to work with us for a project. Taco Bell is opening a new restaurant in the middle of Times Square and they need video and still content to promote it on TV and social media outlets. Usually it takes a few days or weeks to work out the details, but on this project everything went super quick; a couple phone conversations and the scope where worked out and contracts were signed within one day. Having the paperwork out of the way, we ready to focus on the production day.

We arrived at the shooting location in the early morning. It is always fascinating how quiet Times Square can be. It’s been very quiet during the pandemic but recently the people traffic is picking up again. After finding parking with our team van, we unloaded everything and start setting up. We were shooting with one of our Sony FX9 as the main camera that day and we captured the stills with our Sony A7iii.

Video filming was a mix of gimbal shots on our Segway, what makes super smooth footage. It needs some training to being comfortable holding a 50lbs setup and maneuver it through a tight spot but the end results are gorgeous. The client was very impressed with the shots we were able to pull off and loved the setup.

The other part were more a classic setting with shoot on a tripod and sliders to have more static frames. After a successful shoot during natural sunlight, the client wanted to capture the store by night. Catching the feeling of Times Square and the energy of people and lights and energy in this area.

We did a few outside shots as well, and that’s the tricky part get the clean shot since there is a lot of foot traffic. Of cause we used the moment too, to capture Times Square itself to provide establishing shots and the unique and special location on Times Square.

We are very happy about the end result and it is still fascinating and it is still a very proud moment for the whole team to see our work on TV and broadcasted to the whole nation.

Big THANK YOU to Edward Garcias and the whole Taco Bell Marketing team in believing us and bringing us on the job. It was such a pleasure working on this together. Super professional and we are looking forward to many more projects to come in the future!

- pictures and videos by Jean Pierre Kathoefer



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