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It’s safe to say that 2021 was a roller coaster of a year. As the world entered its second year of the pandemic and New York production companies scrambled to adjust to continuously shifting restrictions, johnnypuetz Productions has lived and died by one word this year: flexibility.

We’ve fielded cancellations, pivoted our strategies, and even opened ourselves up to entire new industries! By keeping an open mind and supporting our community through thick and thin, we’ve managed to make 2021 a year for the books, COVID or no COVID.

Let’s take a look at the numbers. This year, johnnypuetz successfully delivered 76 projects and shot 20 TB of footage. Highlights include working with legendary boxing manager Rory Holloway on a trailer for his upcoming film MY BROTHER’S KEEPER (an intimate look at his professional relationship with boxing icon Mike Tyson), helping filmmaker Rhisa Parera share her battle with chronic Lyme disease in the short film YOUR LABS ARE NORMAL, and capturing Jane Motorcycles apparel in action on an off-road shoot. We also helped companies pivot their marketing tactics for the virtual age with state-of-the-art live streaming, and we even helped some happy couples document their big day with custom wedding videography!

We leveled up our gear arsenal with a Motocrane Ultra, and we rounded out our team with a total of 10 team members, 30 freelancers, and our very first intern. Without giving away too many details, we also had the chance to work with an Academy Award-winning actor! Through it all, our team and our community have embodied the spirit of flexibility and support that have kept us going strong this year. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that people should always come before business — we were honored to lead a photo shoot with our friends at Ryders Alley, spotlight local auto event Cars & Coffee, and document New York’s famous Bike Life movement in WHEELS UP IN NYC. We have nothing but admiration and respect for every client we work with, and that’s not something we’re looking to change in 2022.

From documentary filmmaking and wedding live streams to a gig with Taco Bell and product showcases for some of our favorite brands, it’s safe to say that 2021 was one of our most exciting years yet. During a historically tough year for video production, we were able to stay afloat and even grow as a company. We owe a lot of that to the resilience of our team, the trust of our clients, and our sheer love for the work — to anyone who worked with us this year, we can’t thank you enough. Looking forward, we’re excited to leverage our top-quality gear and growing network to take on some bigger projects and keep exploring the themes we love: adventure, action, style, and of course, the motorcycle community in New York City and beyond.

If you’re looking for videography or photography services this year, we’ve got you covered. You can learn more about our process here, and when in doubt, give us a call — we promise we don’t bite. Happy new year!

Team johnnypuetz Productions says Thank you!

Left to right: Demian, Mat, Andy (Team Rory), JP, Rory Holloway, Daryush, Katie, Craig, Michelle.

Missing on the picture: Jules, Kelly, R, Riccardo, Jared

- pictures by Mat Andreini & Rounak Modha & Katie Tom


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